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Claim ASsi5M - Arctic Sept sea ice < 5M kmĀ²

Category: Science & Technology:General Science JUDGED at 100
Owner:7892, W&L
Judge:8915, glenton
due date:2027/11/01

The Claim

This claim pays (2017-x)*0.10$ with x the first year in which the mean September Arctic sea-ice extent is under 5 million km². The extent can be found at the site of the NSIDC. (http://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/) If this source would be unavailable at the moment of payment, the judge can choose an equally credible source. If the mean September Arctic sea-ice extent is until 2017 each time higher than 5 million squared kilometers, the claim pays 0. If the mean September Arctic sea-ice extent is lower than 5 million squared kilometer in 2007 this claim pays 1.00$.

Careful: the claim talks about the Mean Arctic September sea-ice extent, not about the minimum Arctic sea-ice extent nor the sea-ice area.

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