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Claim 3UPT - Rumored 3DO Upgrade Specs True

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Entertainment Technology JUDGED at 0
Owner:31, Erik Fortune
Judge:31, Erik Fortune
due date:TBD

The Claim

A "next generation" upgrade (currently called M2) to 3DO home video game consoles will include the following components:

  • A 64-bit RISC processor with an internal clock of at least 66MHz (a processor with 64 bit integers OR 64 bit pointers is 64 bit wrt this claim)
  • Main memory with a peak throughput of at least 500MB/sec
  • Eight or more graphics coprocessors (a single ASIC with several distinct functional units counts as several coprocessors)
  • A DSP with an internal clock rate of at least 66MHz
A yes coupon pays $0.25 for each component accurately described by this claim. If the upgrade is cancelled, no coupons pay $1.00. The price and release date of the upgrade have no bearing on this claim.

Judge's Statement

The chances of Matsushita (who now owns the technology) releasing anything based on the M2 are slim and getting slimmer. This claim calls for an upgrade to existing 3DO units, which is even less likely. On the other hand, Matsushita has _not_ publically killed the project. I've been holding out for a public statement about the future of the machine, but it seems increasingly likely that they will never make one. Unfortunately, this claim has no judgement date to force the issue.

Therefore, I will judge this claim based on the most reliable public information I can find as of 31 March 1998, barring surprises. I do, however, reserve the right to change that date if someone comes up with either: a) reliable (my call) information about an upcoming M2-based _upgrade_, or b) a reliable public statement from Matsushita or a representative indicating that the upgrade has been cancelled.

Exactly what constitutes "reliable" information is a little fuzzy, but I consider anything officially released to the press, information on a corporate website or quotes from an interview with a representative to be fair game. Unattributed rumors from magazines or usenet posts are not very compelling.

The Market

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