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Claim 96RS - (96 Sen Repub-33 1/3)/33 1/3

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 65
Owner:79, jbs
Judge:79, jbs
due date:1996/11/15

The Claim

YES coupons pay: The number of Republicans in the US Senate (either elected as Republicans in 1996 or sitting senators not up for reelection with Republican affiliation at the start of the election) after the 1996 general election less 33 1/3, divided by 33 1/3.

Examples: 50 Republicans - YES coupons pay .5;60 Republicans - YES coupons pay .80; 40 Republicans - YES coupons pay .20

Fine Print: Ifthere are fewer than 34 Republicans, YES coupons pay 0. If there are more than 66 Republicans, YES coupons pay 1. Third party (or independent) senators count as half Republican and half non-Republican

Judge's Statement


The Market

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