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Claim ACrash - Amazon crashes by 2002

Category: Finance:US Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:2582, Dr. No
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:2002/04/02

The Claim

We claim that on some day no later than April 1, 2002 (but after January 1, 2000), the closing price of Amazon stock (trade symbol AMZN) will be below $4 per share. "Closing price" currently means the price at the 5PM closing time, but it can be given any widely recognized interpretation per judge's clarification. "One share" means a share purchased on January 1, 2000, i.e., adjusted for splits.

If Amazon merges, goes bankrupt, or otherwise reorganizes, the intent of the claim is to track the value of a January 1, 2000, share. The best way to do so depends on the nature of the reoganization and may involve proportional shares of another company, freezing the value, or some other device.

Several successful FX players claim that it would require hell to freeze over for Amazon's stock to fall to $4 in two years. If hell does freeze over, if the Internet is abandoned, if California falls into the ocean, or if Jeff Bezos becomes the King of England, and if any of these occur before Amazon's stock crashes, this claim should immediately be judged FALSE.

Judge's Statement

I will use the price of AMZN reported to be the closing price at the end of the regular trading day.

The Market

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