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Claim AbortX - Abortion Illegal in US by 2010

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 0
Owner:97, Loophole
Judge:167, Oracle
due date:2010/01/15

The Claim

This claim shall be judged TRUE if there is a law in the USA that makes first trimester abortion illegal, and someone is convicted of first trimester abortion based on the law between 1996-08-01 and 2010-01-01. If there is no such conviction by 2010-01-01, the claim shall be judged FALSE.

If an appeal is filed within 3 months of the conviction (or of the previous appeal), the result of the appeal (if before 2010-01-01) shall be used to judge the claim. If a court refuses to hear the appeal, or the conviction has not been overturned by 2010-01-01, the claim shall be judged TRUE. Early TRUE judgement is possible if a conviction has exhausted its possibilities for appeal without being overturned, or 3 months have passed without an appeal being filed. Early FALSE judgement is only possible if the USA ceases to exist. In no event shall judicial activity on or after 2010-01-01 local time affect the claim result.

For the purposes of this claim, the USA consists of those parts, possessions and territories of the United States of America that are subject to the USA Constitution and USA Federal law.

Judge's Statement

The claim will be judged primarily by wording, and secondarily by intent.

A federal law is not required for a true claim. Any federal law supercedes local law, so any conflict in laws is resolved in favor of the federal law.

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