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Claim BB2002 - Balanced Budget By 2002

Category: Finance:US Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:258, Paladin
Judge:162, pseudo
due date:2003/01/01

The Claim

The claim will pay 1.00 on 1/1/2003 if the United States Federal Government actual revenues are greater than or equal to its actual expenses in fiscal 2002 (i.e. a balance budget or a budget surplus). If expenses are greater than revenues (i.e. there is a deficit in fiscal 2002), the claim will pay 0.00

Judge's Statement

I will use data from the US Treasury department to judge whether or not the deficit is eliminated. For example, the Citizen's Report. In particular, I will use their definition of what is revenue and what is expense (and what is considered neither because it is "off budget").

Only data from fiscal 2002 will be used. That means the state of the budget in earlier fiscal years will not be considered in judgement of the claim.

The Market

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