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Claim Berl - Live of Berlusconi Government

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:3191, Joe Taras
Judge:2918, stefano
due date:2006/04/01

The Claim

The claim is: Berlusconi Government will live until for the entire politic-time? Yes (pay 1.00$), if the Government will not have change in the next five years (from the oath day of the government). In Italy, the Government can change if the party of coalization decide to retire trust to Prime Minister that sends a formal dimission letter to the Republic President. If the Republic President break 2 chambers of Parliament.

Judge's Statement

Given the strange ways of Italian politics, I'll judge this claim on the wording. The claim will be False if Berlusconi resigns before the due date (even if he gets to form another coalition or even another cabinet with the same coalition). True only if by the due date he still hasn't resigned.

The Market

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