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Claim CRAK - Crackpot claim comes true

Category: Science & Technology:Idea Futures (and Experimental Claims) JUDGED at 0
Owner:3, hfinney@shell.portal.com
Judge:3, hfinney@shell.portal.com
due date:2006/01/02

The Claim

One or more of the following five claims will be judged true:

See the individual claim descriptions for full information on each claim.

Judge's Statement

This will be judged TRUE as soon as any of the component claims are judged TRUE. It will be judged FALSE after the last component claim is judged FALSE. If any component claims are given scaled judgements (which is not expected) this claim will be immediately given the same scaled judgement.

The judgement for this claim will occur as above irrespective of whether the judge agrees with the judgement of any of the component claims.

Current URLs for the component claims are:

The Market

Price Plot for life of CRAK
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