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Claim CRAK2 - More crackpot claims come true

Category: Science & Technology:Idea Futures (and Experimental Claims) Science & Technology:Space Science & Technology:Encryption, Factoring Misc:Religion, New Age, etc Science & Technology:Physics JUDGED at 0
Owner:483, patrik
Judge:692, Bix
due date:2001/06/01

The Claim

One or more of the following seven claims will be judged true before 2001/06/01:

See the individual claim descriptions for full information on each claim.

The judge for CRAK2 may advise the judges for these claims but shall accept their judgement. If there is strong opposition to a YES judgement, the CRAK2 judge will defer judgement until it is clear the YES judgement will not be repealed. If a claim is judged YES but repealed retroactively, CRAK2 will likewise be adjusted retroactively.

Judge's Statement

I see little room for ambiguity in this claim, but if ambiguity is found, the wording of the claim shall reign supreme.

Traders should note that Tach, abdt, and UFOx have already been judged false.

The Market

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Price Plot for life of CRAK2
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Current ask price: 100
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Pairs outstanding: 2242
Players participating: 62
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