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Claim ConHab - People in space thru 2025

Category: Science & Technology:Space bid 93, ask 95, last 94
Owner:506, marty
Judge:3225, ducrozet
due date:2025/01/01

The Claim

Noone seemed to notice this November that it may have been the last time in human history that there is no person living outside the Earth's atmosphere... This claim pays 1.00 if there has been at least one living person in space (LEO or higher, sub-orbital flights don't count) at all times from midnight 2000/12/31 thru midnight 2025/12/31. Pays 0.00 if at any time in this interval there are no people in orbit or farther from Earth. If one is going up while the only one(s) still in space is coming down, the one going up must reach 100 miles altitude before the one coming down does. They also must reach that altitude before the last person in space dies. This claim can be settled early if it is clear that noone is left in space.

Judge's Statement

I will judge on intent of the claim, but if that is not apparent due to circumstances I will judge based on exact wording.

The Market

Price Plot for life of ConHab
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