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Claim Cybo - Cyborgs by 2035/12/31

Category: Science & Technology:Medicine, Biochemistry bid 54, ask 56, last 55
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:681, Bemke
due date:2036/06/30

The Claim

At least one human being will be converted to a cyborg by Dec. 31, 2035. This claim will be true if the resulting construct meets the following conditions:

  1. Life support (energy/material supply and waste disposal) met by non-original hardware (i.e. heart, lungs, digestive, urinary, &c)
  2. Movement/manipulation provided by non-original hardware
  3. I/O can be either original hardware (e.g. eyes, ears, vocal tract left intact) or non-original hardware
  4. CPU can be either original hardware (biological CNS) OR new hardware (e.g. "Uploads" - see "suggested claims" page)
  5. The person must be recognized by people previously acquainted with it as retaining its original identity ("vegetables" don't count)
  6. The person must be capable of "ordinary" human activities, to be judged by the ability to "earn a living" / "contribute to society" (becoming a "personality" is OK)

Judge's Statement


The Market

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