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Claim EMVR - "Earth" main VR System by 2000

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Industry JUDGED at 0
Judge:74, niobium
due date:2000/12/31

The Claim

A user interface based on a 3D-visualisation of the earth, as described in "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson, will be the most important software for Virtual Reality by 2000. The "Earth" will incorporate satellite images on many resolution levels and an interface for visualisation and accessing all kind of geographical representable data. The system works on a worldwide distributed database and runs even on standard desktop computing euqipment. For a prototype project see T_vision (at http://www.artcom.de/projects/terra)

Judgement is positive if systems as described above are installed on 30% of machines capable for running the software by the judging date. It is not important, if the system is the start-up (basic) platform or an important application. The physical interface layer (headset, monitor, direct nerval interface etc.) is not the subject of this claim.

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