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Claim EUBord - E.U. borders change

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:3126, Varulv
Judge:286, JohnMonroe
due date:2014/01/15

The Claim

This claim will be judged TRUE is by 20013-12-31 23:59:59, any of the following occurs:

  • At least one of the member-states of the European Union splits into at least two countries, not necessarily all of them member-states of the European Union.
  • At least one of the member-states of the European Union will merge with some other country, not necessarily a member-state of the European Union.
  • The total land area of at least one of the member-states of the European Union changes my more than 5% or 1000km2. The change may be political (including the two conditions above), or may be caused by natural events (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or rises in sea-level). If the changes are climate-related, they must last for six months or longer; the intent being that the change is long-term (e.g. rise in sea-level) and not temporary or seasonal (e.g. flooding).

The event of new countries joining the European Union is explicitly excluded from this claim (other claims cover this); however, as soon as these new countries become member-states of the European Union, they are included and changes to their borders can result in this claim being judged true.

Only events that take place within Europe are valid for this claim, Europe being limited by the traditional borders of the Ural, the Caucasus and the Bosporus.

The border changes have to be recognized by the bodies of the European Union.


Notice that events that make the first two conditions true not necessarily make the third condition true. The following examples should clarify this and make the intent of the claim clearer:

  • If a small area (e.g. a city) is handed over from one member-state to another member-state or another country outside the European Union, and the area is smaller than 5% of the member-states involved and smaller than 1000km2, nor the first nor the third condition is met, and this event will not make this claim true. Example: Gibraltar (5km2) becomes Spanish.
  • If however the area of the previous example declares independence and becomes a new member-state or leaves the European Union as an independent state, the first condition is met, and the claim becomes true. Example: Gibraltar (5km2) becomes independent.
  • If Monaco (1.5km2) joins the European Union as a new member-state, none of the conditions are met; however, if it joins the European Union because it becomes a part of France, the second condition is met (not the third).
  • Greenland is currently not a part of the European Union, even though it is part of Denmark. If Greenland decides to join the European Union, none of the conditions are met; however, if it declares independence, this claim will be judged true regardless of whether it stays outside the European Union or becomes a member-state of the European Union.

Inspiration for this claim comes from the following two claims:

Judge's Statement

As of July 2008 there are discussions between the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus that may lead to it's reunification. Should that occur, I will not accept that event as sufficient to judge this claim "YES". The international community, including the countries of the European Union, does not recognize the Turkish part of Cyprus as an independent country.

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