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Claim EUPG33 - Polygamy legal in EU by 2033

Category: News:World News bid 5, ask 14, last 10
Owner:3126, Varulv
Judge:5456, painlord
due date:2033/11/04

The Claim

This claim will be true if polygamy has become legal in at least one member-state of the European Union by 4 November 2033 (25 years from this claim's creation date). If a country in which polygamy is legal joins the European Union, and polygamy stays legal after joining the European Union, this claim will be true too.

For the purpose of this claim, it is irrelevant which form of polygamy is legalized, i.e. whether it is polygyny (one man having more than one wife), polyandry (one woman having more than one husband), group marriage (one person having many wives and many husbands at the same time) or any other form or combinations of forms of polygamy.

For this claim to be true, it is not enough that polygamous marriages performed abroad are recognized de facto or even de jure, e.g. implicitly through immigration laws it must be legal to marry a second spouse or to marry to multiple partners at the same time in a legal manner within one of the member-states of the European Union.

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