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Claim EVchng - 2004 Pres Electoral Votes

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 66
Owner:6560, kochiboy
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2004/12/25

The Claim

In 2000, The Republican US Presidential candidate George W. Bush won 271 electoral votes.

This claim will pay according to how many EVs the Republican candidate gets in 2004.

Here is a chart of the payout. EVs refers to Electoral Votes given to the Republican candidate for president.

0 EVs pays 0
100 EVs pays 0
200 EVs pays 0
220 EVs pays 0
221 EVs pays 1
230 EVs pays 10
240 EVs pays 20
250 EVs pays 30
260 EVs pays 40
270 EVs pays 50
280 EVs pays 60
290 EVs pays 70
300 EVs pays 80
310 EVs pays 90
319 EVs pays 99
320 EVs pays 100
more than 320 EVs pays 100

The formula for payout is (Number of Republican EVs) - 220, between 0 and 100.

There are 538 EVs total. 270 EVs ensures a majority. If there isn't a majority, the winner of the presidential election is determined by the House of Representatives, however, that has no effect the payout of this claim.

Judge's Statement

For purposes of this claim, I will use the _actual votes_ from the Electoral College. This may vary in some years from the votes the popular vote in that state might indicate. If there is some variance of opinion concerning how the Electors votes should be counted, I'll take my best shot.

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