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Claim FacK - 1024bit number factored by '10

Category: Science & Technology:Encryption, Factoring JUDGED at 0
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:2, Chris Hibbert
due date:2011/01/01

The Claim

Before 2010 GMT a number of the following form will have been factored. The number must be at least 1024 bits long, and be the product of two primes, each at least 300 bits long. The factoring method must not rely on any special properties of the number (except the fact that there are only two factors). In particular, if the factors were chosen by the group doing the factoring, then the technique must not have used any information about the particular factors chosen.

If a number is factored and turns out to have more than two factors, but the product of the two largest factors is larger then 2^1023, and the product meets all the other requirements of this claim, then this claim will be judged true.

The result must be published in a reputable journal. The paper must include a description of how the factoring was accomplished. The result must be reproducible, at least in theory (it need not have been reproduced). To be judged one year later to allow time for publication.

Unlike "Fact", which is primarily about computing power, this claim is unlikely to be true without a breakthrough in factoring or a revolution in computing (like quantum computers).


1024 bit number means number >= 2^1023

Judge's Statement

I will judge this claim based on its intent, guided by the details of the wording and discussion on fx-discuss. If there is a conflict between the text and my perception of the claim's intent, I will consult with fx-discuss before rendering a judgement.

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