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Claim GBNuke - US not nuked and Bush remains

Category: News:World News News:Disasters News:US News Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 100
Owner:79, jbs
Judge:3558, Torc
due date:2010/03/01

The Claim

NukeUS is judged false and Bush04 are judged true. This claim may be judged early if its outcome is logically determined by one or both of the component claims being judged. Example: If NukeUS is judged true or Bush04 is judged false, this claim could immediately be judged false.

The underlying events are irrelevant to this claim except to the extent that they effect the judgment of NukeUS and Bush04. The judgement of this claim should depend entirely on the judgements of NukeUS and Bush04, even if it can be argued those judgments are incorrect.

Judge's Statement

The claim clearly states its dependence on NukeUS and Bush04; I will judge it based solely on the outcome of those claims.

The Market

Price Plot for life of GBNuke
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