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Claim GROW - GROW wins on Internet

Category: Science & Technology:Internet JUDGED at 0
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:1997/06/30

The Claim

Cygnus Support , has proposed the GROW (the GNU Remote Operations Web) architecture as the way to script the Internet. Cygnus claims that their free-software approach is the only viable method for setting a standard for Internet scripting. They claim that all other (proprietary) methods of standards-setting are doomed to failure.

The claim is YES if Cygnus' Scheme-inspired virtual machine and multi-lingual environment called Guile (which is a Sourceware solution) wins on the Internet.

For GROW to to return YES the following conditions #1 and #2 must both be true.

Item #1

Guile must be ubiquitously available. To be ubiquitously available there must be ports to the following platforms:
  1. Windows 3.x
  2. Windows 95
  3. Windows NT
  4. MacOS 7.5
  5. OS/2
  6. Solaris 2.X
  7. SunOS 4.X
  8. DECstation Ultrix
  9. DEC Alpha OSF/1
  10. DEC OpenVMS
  11. SGI IRIX
  12. HPUX HP-9000/700
  13. 88open DG AViiON
  14. IBM RS/6000 AIX
  15. SCO i386
  16. Intel SVR4 UnixWare
  17. Linux
  18. BSD (any)
This benchmark list is the availability list for Netscape and MetaCard.

For a port to exist it must available both in source and binary form for downloading off the Internet or exist on a redistributable media (e.g. CD-ROM).

The claim pays $0.025 per platform with a $0.05 premium paid for all platforms.

Windows 95 only counts in all platforms if Windows 95 has shipped by the judgement date (i.e. WN95=YES) Note: BSD may have Linux-compatibility by the claim date.

Item #2

Guile becomes an established standard on the Internet. In particular, the following must happen
  1. there exists an interpreted architecture-neutral distribution format that allows Guile executables to run directly under Mac, PC, (any)Unix without any recompilation
  2. Guile is selected by at least two of the major web client vendors (e.g. NCSA Mosaic, Spyglass, Netscape -- list will vary as appropriate to the evolution of the industry) as a scripting language by which their client can be programmed (their products must be for sale at the time of claim closure).
  3. A feature article on the employment of Guile as a prominant Internet scripting language appears in two or more of the major glossy Internet hype magazines; these must non-academic publications and must concentrate on the PC and Mac aspects of the phenomenon.
The claim pays $0.15 for each of 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 with a premium of 0.05 paid for all three being true.

GROW -- The GNU Remote Operations Web

Judge's Statement

I will judge based on the wording of the claim unless it is found to be ambiguous. Such ambiguities will be resolved based on my perception of the author's intent.

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