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Claim H1B - H1-B Visa Quota Reduced-2002

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 0
Owner:3942, cayersburns
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2003/02/01

The Claim

This claim will be judged yes, if by 2002/12/31 The US Congress has passed legislation that reduces the allocated quota for H1-B Visas to be issued in 2003 or eliminates the H1-B program completely.


Over 80% of the American public opposed expansion of the H1-B program.

Even former Intel CEO Andy Grove has said (Washington Post, April 24, 1998), ``I don't buy into the hyperventilated description of the technology worker shortage.''

The H1-B program was expanded in 2001, in the middle of a tech recession. HR-3222, legislation that would satisfy conditions of this claim is now before congress.

Aspects HR 3222 has been supported by various diverse groups that include: the National Urban League, Ralph Nader supporters and Buchanan supporters-the bill is opposed largely by corporate interests represented through the NTAA.

You can look at H1-B visa use by company, state, city. If you have a problem with how the H1-B program is being used, you can write your congressional representatives

Judge's Statement

According to Information Week the quota in each years was:
34,000 1932
58,000 1976
65,000 1990
115,000 1998
195,000 2001

If the the 2003 H1-B Quota is reduced below 195,000 at any time before 2003(i.e. even if it is reduced and then raised again) I intend to judge this claim yes. The H1-B Quota is different than the actual number of Visas issued. The number of Visas issued is not directly relevent to this claim.

Key features of the H1-B program include Visas being awarded to specific "specialty occupations"(i.e. software development and administration), and visas being granted for a period of up to 6 years without guarentee of permanent residency. In the event congress changes the nominclature, I will look to see if non-immigrant visas are being granted under other programs with the same results as the H1-B program.


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