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Claim HClOff - Hillary Clinton will run in 00

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 100
Owner:2198, maga T
Judge:73, Karl Hallowell
due date:2000/11/15

The Claim

Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for public office in the 2000 election. Much speculation has recently surfaced regarding the possibility of the First Lady running for public office, culminating in a Time magazine story citing polls where 59% of those polled would vote for, or consider voting for Mrs. Clinton, should she run for office. She can run in any state, as long as her name is on a ballot that voters will cast. She must enter a state (ie. state rep, sen, or gov.) or national race (ie. US rep or sen). This claim is not concerned with the possibility of her winning in a bid for public office, nor with the specific position for which she may run. The potential of 'write in candidate' status will be left up to the judge.

Judge's Statement

Mrs. Clinton must appear on a ballot in the November 2000 election for this claim to be judged YES. This is explicitly stated in the claim. Note that the names on the ballots are fixed some time before the election (even if the candidate drops out or dies) so the claim may be judged before the actual election.

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