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Claim IPv6 - IPv6 success by 2005

Category: Science & Technology:Internet JUDGED at 0
Owner:62, Alvestrand
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:2005/01/01

The Claim

IP version 6, or "IP: The Next Generation", has just been standardized by the IETF as the successor for the "classic IP" that is the basis of the current Internet.

Claim: By Jan 1, 2005, more than 50% of all hosts in the Domain Name System will be IPV6 capable.

The verification will be made by checking that more than 50% of the hosts in the DNS that have A or AAAA records will have an AAAA record, indicating that they are IPv6 capable.

The count will be made by either a complete DNS traversal, such as the Mark Lottor Domain Survey, or by selection of some random set of DNS hosts.

If the outcome is close, the count may be supplemented at the judge's discretion by an attempt to contact some percentage of the hosts surveyed using IPv4 resp. IPv6 ICMP ECHO packets; the proportion of hosts that returned the ECHO packets will be taken as the final result.

If there doesn't exist an IPv6 infrastructure over which this test can be carried out, the claim is judged NO.

Judge's Statement

I will judge based on the wording of the claim unless it is found to be ambiguous. Such ambiguities will be resolved based on my perception of the author's intent.

I hope it will not be necessary to perform the survey myself. I expect to rely for the results on yet-to-be-identified but widely accepted surveys. I will use the latest such survey available to me at the time of judgement.

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