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Claim KorWar - 1K dead in Korea war < 2003

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:162, pseudo
Judge:2, Chris Hibbert
due date:2003/01/02

The Claim

There will be at least 1000 deaths in a military conflict on the Korean peninsula before the year 2003.

For the purposes of the claim, "the Korean peninsula" means the territory of North or South Korea as of 1/1/98 (including airspace and territorial waters), and a "military conflict" is a conflict between the armed forces of at least two nations. "Nations" are, for the purposes of this claim, members of the UN General Assembly as of 1/1/98. Casualties can be any combination of military or civilian adding up to 1000, but they must be inflicted as part of an international conflict (riots don't count, except in the unlikely event that two nations' militaries end up on the opposite side of the riot).

Casualties must be reported in at least 1 of the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, The (London) Times, Le Monde or the Sydney Morning Herald.

In the event that one of the above newspapers goes out of business or is otherwise unavailable, the judge is empowered to choose an appropriate substitute. In the event that the judge deems any of the above wording ambiguous, the claim will be judged according to the judge's perception of the intent of the claim.

Judge's Statement

The claim doesn't say explicitly whether the "military conflict" must be a declared war, but since it strongly implies that it might be part of a spontaneous outburst, I'll be explicit: The conflict doesn't have to be part of a declared war to count.

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