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Claim LunExc - Lunar Excursion Tourism by 2025

Category: Science & Technology:Space bid 0, ask 2, last 5
Owner:336, Applied Info Econ
Judge:2, Chris Hibbert
due date:2025/01/01

The Claim

By January 1, 2025, a private tourist will land on the surface of Earth's moon. By "land", we mean the spacecraft will have a controlled touchdown so that the tourist survives. A "private tourist" is an individual who paid for the service for the purpose of tourism. A professional astronaut who may work for a private aerospace firm sent to the moon for other tasks shall not be considered a "private tourist."

Judge's Statement

I will judge this claim based on its intent, guided by the details of the wording and discussion on fx-discuss. If there is a conflict between the text and my perception of the claim's intent, I will consult with fx-discuss before rendering a judgement.

The Market

Price Plot for life of LunExc
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