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Claim Mark98 - Markybot score after a year

Category: Science & Technology:Idea Futures (and Experimental Claims) Science & Technology:Computing Theory, AI JUDGED at 76
Owner:14, Markybot
Judge:70, jjones@cnj.digex.net
due date:1998/03/04

The Claim

This scaled claim will be judged according to the score of player 14, currently named Markybot, as reported by the FX server as of midnight, 4 February 1998, server time. If the score is 0.750 or less, the YES payoff is $0. If the score is 1.250 or more, the YES payoff is $1. Otherwise, the YES payoff is 2 * (score - 0.75), rounded to the nearest cent.

If the intended score is not available at the correct time due to server downtime, network outage, change in scoring algorithm, or any other cause, the judge should estimate the score as accurately as possible.

See http://forum.sw arthmore.edu/~jay/fx/mark98.html for background information. Check this page out, it has some important stuff.

Judge's Statement


The Market

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Price Plot for life of Mark98
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Current ask price: 100
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Pairs outstanding: 1107
Players participating: 21
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