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Claim Mars - YEAR of first foot on Mars

Category: Science & Technology:Space bid 38, ask 40, last 39
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:163, jim
due date:2100/01/01

The Claim

This is a scaled claim based on the year in which a person first puts foot on the planet Mars. If this happens in the year 2000 GMT or before, the claim will pay $0 to YES coupons. If it has not happened by the end of the year 2099 YES coupon will pay $1. If it happens in year Y between 2000 and 2099 then YES coupons pay (Y-2000) cents.

To count a real live person of species homo sapiens must step onto the surface of Mars. It is not sufficient for someone to be in a landing craft on the Mars surface. Somebody dying on impact with the Mars surface does not count either. Cyborgs (as defined in claim Cybo) don't count living or dead. The event must be made public before the end of the year 2100 and must be confirmed by video images, audio transmission from the astronaut, a witness account or some other reliable means.

NB: The value of this claim is directly related to the year in which the event will take place. If the event does not happen by the year 2100 it is YES coupons which pay. If the value of the claim indicates a year which appears too soon you should buy. If it appears to be too late you should sell.

For information on plans for manned missions to Mars consult:

Judge's Statement

Standard ambiguity clause: If the wording is found to be ambiguous I will judge on the basis of the obvious intent. If the intent is ambiguous I will judge on the basis of precise wording. If both are ambiguous or if both are clear but conflict, I will look for a solution that causes the least damage to FX as a market and game.

Novel homo sapiens configurations including genetically engineered modifications will be considered as they arise.

Prehistoric human feet on Mars (e.g. implied by Hoagland's "Martian Face and Pyramids" stuff) would count as 0 (i.e. before 2000), but unless this stuff has gained general scientific credibility by the time modern feet show up there, I intend to close the claim without waiting for further evidence from closer inspection of the Cydonia area.

The Market

Price Plot for life of Mars
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