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Claim NOGRAY - Gray Davis Will Be Recalled

Category: News:US News Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 100
Owner:4905, NSC
Judge:5283, lunatic
due date:2003/11/16

The Claim

The Lieutenant Governor of California has determined that Gray Davis, the current governor as of 7/29/03, must face a Recall Election on October 7, 2003. November 15, 2003 is the last date on which the Secretary of State can certify the election returns. If, by November 16, the Secretary of State has certified elections results in which a majority of voters elect to remove Gray Davis from office, this claim shall be judged true.

Judge's Statement

This claim will be judged by its wording.

In the event that no returns have been certified by November 16, this claim will be judged NO. This includes if:

  • The election didn't occur because of (including but not limited to):
    • Gray Davis' voluntary resignation
    • Gray Davis' Death
    • The death or inability of the Secretary of State to conduct the election or certify the results
    • Natural Disaster
    • War, state of insurrection or coup

If the returns have been certified, but their status is in doubt due to pending litigation, this claim will be held open until one of the following occurs.

  • 3 months from November 16, 2003 pass (February 16, 2004)
  • A legal resolution of the issues occurs
In the event that 3 months pass without a legal resolution, this claim will be judged NO. In the event that a legal resolution occurs, this claim will be judged according to that resolution.

This claim will be judged without regard to the successor question on the ballot, and will only be judged by the Yes/No recall question.

I will use www.cnn.com, www.latimes.com and www.sfgate.com as authorities. In the event that these three sources do not all agree, I will use the office of the Secretary of State as an authority.

For the purposes of judging "a majority of voters elect to remove Gray Davis from office", the term "voters" shall mean valid ballots cast for Yes or No. It shall not include spoiled ballots, abstentions, or other ballots that for whatever reason are not counted as Yes or No.

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