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Claim NasDow - Nasdaq beats Dow

Category: Finance:US Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:163, jim
Judge:73, Karl Hallowell
due date:2003/07/01

The Claim

The closing value of the Nasdaq (NAS/NMS Composite) index will exceed the closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the same day for any day between this claim's creation date and 2003.07.01.

If either index is no longer calculated for any reason and there is no successor with a value essentially continuous with these indices, the claim will be judged NO.

If the definition of "closing value" becomes ambiguous, e.g. due to round-the-clock trading with continuous index updating, the judge will pick a suitable daily time to compare the two indices. If either index is re-scaled in an algorithmic way, the judge will reverse the re-scaling when performing the comparison. No adjustments will be made if stocks are replaced in either index. If a dramatic change is made to either index that precludes straightforward comparison, the judge has the discretion to terminate the claim early as NO.

Judge's Statement


The Market

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