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Claim NoCash - Cash becomes obsolete.

Category: Finance:World Finance bid 8, ask 10, last 8
Owner:4368, fluxcapacitor
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:2030/04/23

The Claim

Solid currency (notes and coins) will become obsolete.

A yes coupon will be paid if the judge is denied goods or services in a retailer of the judges choice for no other reason than the payment is to be made by cash. The payment must be less than the highest denominator of solid currency for the country where the judge makes the purchase.

The purchase may be attempted in: North America, Europe, Australia or Japan.

Judge's Statement

I intend to make my trial purchase in Walmart within the U.S. If Walmart ceases to exist, I plan to try Target. If the U.S. ceases to exist, I will try in its former territory. In the event that the primary or backup plans becomes impractical, I intend to update this judge's statement.

The Market

Price Plot for life of NoCash
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