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Claim NoHarp - Stephen Harper Replaced as PM

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:5426, r6
Judge:7395, fej
due date:2012/10/16

The Claim

The Governor General of Canada, or the administrator of the government of Canada, will select a new Prime Minister of Canada who is not a member of the Conservative Party of Canada before the dissolution of this 40th Canadian Parliament.

Note that if a new Prime Minister is selected who is a member of the Conservative Party, then this claim continues to remain unresolved, and it will remain unresolved until either the parliament is dissolved or a prime minister is selected that is not a member of the Conservative Party.

The party affiliation of the Prime Minister only matters at the time of selection. The Prime Minister can change his/her party affiliation without triggering a judgement on this claim.

In the unlikely scenario that neither event occurs before Oct. 16, 2012, then this claim will be judged NO.

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Canadian_parliamentary_dispute for general information on the motivation of this claim).

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