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Claim OJpay - OJ pays > $1 million b4 2000

Category: News:US News JUDGED at 0
Owner:273, Griffin
Judge:3, hfinney@shell.portal.com
due date:2000/01/01

The Claim

This claim proves true and returns $1 for each yes coupon (nothing for each no coupon) on the date it is publicly verified that at least $1 million of the O.J. Simpson judgment has actually been paid the plaintiffs. If the year 2000 arrives first, no coupons receive $1, yes coupons nothing. A negotiated settlement that brings the plaintiffs at least $1 million before the year 2000 satisfies this claim.

On 4 Feb 97 a jury found OJ Simpson responsible for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and awarded the plaintiffs 33.5 million dollars in compensatory/punitive damages. OJ says the case isn"t over and can attempt to minimize or eliminate the amount he might pay. This claim rides on the outcome.

Judge's Statement


The Market

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