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Claim OLAT - Olympic athlete wounded/killed

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
due date:1996/08/12

The Claim

An olympic athlete or athletes will be wounded or killed in an assassination attempt or terrorist attack at the 1996 Olympic Games.

For this claim to be judged TRUE, at least one athlete must be wounded or killed due to an attack that is intended, in the eyes of the judge, to be an attempt to kill a specific person or persons (assassination) or a random person or persons (terrorist attack). If an athlete or athletes is wounded in an assassination attempt or terrorist attack that is intended for someone else, this claim is still considered TRUE.

The attack must take place between the start of the opening ceremonies and the end of the closing ceremonies, and must be at the official Olympic site for an event or ceremony, the atheletes' dormitories, or the routes between these sites.

Whether the attempt is an assassination attempt or a Kerriganesque incident (ie, wounding, but not an attempt to actually assassinate) is left to the Judge to determine, aided by news sources, the results of trials of the persons responsible, or any other sources the judge sees fit to use. Likewise, for a terrorist attack to meet the requirements for this claim it must be intended to wound or kill someone, as determined by the Judge.

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