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Claim PClone - primate clone born by 1/1/2000

Category: Science & Technology:General Science Science & Technology:Medicine, Biochemistry News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:2, Chris Hibbert
Judge:162, pseudo
due date:2000/07/01

The Claim


A live birth of a primate clone will occur by January 1, 2000 and be reported within 6 months. The event will have been reported as fact in at least three of the following: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and The London Times.

Closing criteria:

  1. If there are fewer than three qualifying reports by July 1, 2000, the claim will be judged false.

  2. If qualifying reports appear in at least three of the papers before July 1, 2000 (even if before January 1, 2000) that a live birth occurred before January 1, 2000, the claim will be judged true.


  • A clone is an animal that developed from an egg produced from the nuclear DNA from non-germ cells of a single sexually mature adult.
  • "Qualifying reports" are articles in the print editions of the named newspapers that say a clone of a primate took place, and which appear to be reporting on the same event.

Judge's Statement

The phrase "produced from the nuclear DNA from non-germ cells of a single sexually mature adult" means that the rhesus monkey experiment performed at the Oregon Primate Research Center involving reproduction of embryos does not satisfy the claim. See their web page for a brief description of that experiment.

I am interpreting "within 6 months" to be "within 6 months of January 1, 2000," not "within 6 months of birth". In particular, as long as the report happens before July 1, 2000, and the birth happened before January 1, 2000, I will judge this claim YES.

Cross-species cloning does count, as long as the other requirements are met. A more detailed ruling will be given if more details about these attempts are released.

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