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Claim PHOTO - Enlargement photo

Category: Science & Technology:Idea Futures (and Experimental Claims) Politics:UK Politics News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:3453, Panos
Judge:3126, Varulv
due date:2003/07/01

The Claim

This is a fun claim concerning the way a future event will be presented to the public and not the event itself.

It is assumed that a decision concerning the enlargement of the European Union will be taken either during the Danish presidency (2nd semester of 2002) or the Greek presidency (1st semester of 2003) and the accession agreement with at least 2 new members will be signed during the European Council meeting in Athens, Greece in June 2003.

The yes coupons will pay 100 if at least one major European newspaper (e.g. The Times) publishes a photograph of the members of the European Council together with the heads of state of the newly accepted countries under the Acropolis.

Judge's Statement

Some clarifications:

What is a «European» paper?
A European paper is a paper that has its headquarters somewhere in Europe, but not necessarily in the EU. This means that e.g. the Russian paper Izvestia would qualify too.
What is a «major» European newspaper?
I'll consider as major European newspaper any European newspaper that on average will be recognized by people in other countries as one of the bigger newspapers in its country
What is a «publication» in a newspaper?
I'll consider both publications on paper as on the website of the newspaper
The photograph need not be taken in June for this claim to become true: I will judge this claim true if the photograph is taken during the Greek presidency between 1 January 2003 and 30 June 2003.

The Market

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