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Claim PkNuke - Pakistan Detonates Nuke <2000

Category: News:Disasters News:World News JUDGED at 100
Owner:863, ediehn
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:2000/01/01

The Claim

This claim will be judged true (YES) if the nation of Pakistan publicly announces before January 1, 2000 that it has detonated a nuclear device.

The cause of the detonation may be testing actions, offensive or retaliatory strikes, or accidental. To be consider publicly announced, an official representative of the government of Pakistan must state, on the record and on behalf of his or her government, that the government of Pakistan is responsible for the detonation.

If Pakistan announces that it conducted a test previously but kept it hidden, the claim will be judged true, no matter how long ago the test took place. However, an announcement that the government plans to detonate a weapon is not sufficient for a YES judgement; the announcement must state that the detonation has already taken place.

Background:For years, several nations have been suspected of carrying out nuclear weapons development in secret. These nations include Israel, India and Pakistan. With India's recent detonation of an atomic device and its public acknowledgement of its nuclear capabilities, concerned parties in Pakistan have been calling on its government to do the same. The United States and other countries are urging the Pakistani government to show restraint and not follow suit. This claim measures the probability that the government will respond to India's recent actions with a similar public demonstration of nuclear power.

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