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Claim PlsCom - Radio "Pulse" Tech. popular

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Technology & Benchmarks Science & Technology:Technology JUDGED at 0
Owner:2505, paulway
Judge:723, Mario Hilgemeier
due date:2002/01/01

The Claim

Wireless "Pulse" Techology is a method of transmitting digital data over radio waves by using carefully timed pulses of radio energy. Sending data over radio today is done by modulating a carrier wave, but Pulse equipment has greater range, longer lifespan on batteries, far higher bandwidth capabilities, and can even be used to tell the distance between two communicators.

For examples, see http://www.time-domain.com

The claim is that this technology will be used in devices sold to the public and that it will supplant or take over 'niches' currently using standard radio transmission methods.

Judge's Statement

The AND in the last sentence is emphasized. It is not enough that there is one example of a device using pulse technology being sold to the public. There must be at least a major substitution process going on.

However, if the device(s) fill(s) an entirely new niche, the claim will be judged true.

The Market

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