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Claim Putin2 - Putin's % of votes on 00/03/26

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 53
Owner:2918, stefano
Judge:90, rosvicl
due date:2000/04/15

The Claim

This claim will pay as many cents per YES share as the percentage of votes obtained by Eltsin's "heir" Vladimir Putin in the upcoming Russian presidential election on March 26, 2000.

If Putin isn't, for any reason, among the candidates in that election, this claim will pay FX$ 0.00 per Yes share.

If no presidential election takes place on March 26, 2000, this claim will pay FX$ 1.00 per YES share if Vladimir Putin is still in power on that date, FX$ 0.00 otherwise.

For the purpose of this claim, the first official voting data reported by international media will be used, regardless of claims of alleged irregularities in the votes.

Judge's Statement


The Market

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