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Claim R2020 - Trump wins 2020 election

Category: Politics:US Politics bid 3, ask 18, last 50
Owner:5607, biff
Judge:124, Lavender Green
due date:2021/02/01

The Claim

Donald J Trump (POTUS 2016-2020) will be President on Feb 1, 2021 having been awarded a majority of the US electoral college.

Judge's Statement

The Federal Election Commission's tabulation of electoral college votes will be considered the official tally in the event of any dispute.

If Donald Trump wins the most votes of the US electoral college in the 2020 election, gaining a plurality but not strictly a 'majority', I will consider that to satisfy the intent of the claim, and judge this claim true.

If the 2020 US presidential election has not been held as of February 1, 2021 (for instance, if it has been postponed or cancelled), then I will judge this claim false.

[Ed:] What if Trump dies of COVID-19? Despite winning the election, being dead would make Pence president, so by the claim's "will be President" phrase, I would judge this claim false.

The Market

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