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Claim RNvsPB - Nader vs Buchanan

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 100
Owner:73, Karl Hallowell
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2000/12/31

The Claim

The claim pays 1 (to YES coupon holders) if Ralph Nader gets more votes in the US 2000 presidential election than Pat Buchanan. If Pat Buchanan gets more votes then the claim pays 0. In the event that both Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan collect equal numbers of votes (including zero votes), then the claim pays 0.5. Judgement of the claim will be postponed for at least a week after the end of the election if it is reported that the candidate with fewer votes received at least 95% of the other candidates votes. The judge must either use the figures reported by the Federal Election Commission or consult at least two reliable new sources (eg, a national TV network or a major newspaper like the Washington Post).

Judge's Statement

This claim will be judged on the basis of _popular votes_ not electoral votes.

The Market

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