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Claim SARK07 - Sarkozy wins 07 pres. election

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 100
Owner:3126, Varulv
Judge:5456, painlord
due date:2007/10/07

The Claim

This claim will be judged True if Nicolas Sarkozy wins the next presidential election in France, at the creation date of this claim set to be held in April/May 2007.

If an election would be held earlier than April 2007, the first presidential election is the election that counts. The election may also be postponed, but not later than until 1 October 2007. If no elections are held before 1 October 2007, this claim will be judged False. If more than one round is necessary, the final and decisive round should be held before 1 October 2007.

In the event that Nicolas Sarkozy dies, does not participate or withdraws from the election, this claim will be judged False.


At the creation date of this claim, the first round was planned to be held on 22 April 2007, the second round on 6 May 2007. Whether Nicolas Sarkozy wins the election in the first or second round is irrelevant for this claim, but if a second round is necessary, and he isn't one of the two remaining candidates, this claim can be judged False immediately after the first round.

It is irrelevant for this claim whether Nicolas Sarkozy actually becomes president of the French republic, either before or after the next presidential election. If he becomes president before the next presidential election, he still has to win the elections in order for this claim to be judged True.

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