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Claim SW1b - Box Office Star Wars rerelease

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Movies JUDGED at 100
Owner:69, Kreme
Judge:69, Kreme
due date:1997/02/28

The Claim

George Lucas intends to re-release the original Star Wars in May of 1997 with new special effects and some added scenes.

This claim will pay $0.01 for each 1 million dollars that the release of Star Wars generates in the year of it's initial (re)release. This claim only applies to domestic (USA) ticket sales.

If the Star Wars movie is not re-released to theatres by 1/1/99, the claim pays $0.

So, if Star Wars generates $90,000,000 dollars, the claim will pay $0.90. NOTE: If the film generates $90,999,999 it still only pays $0.90

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