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Claim SW_Ep1 - Star Wars Movie Gross

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Movies JUDGED at 42
Owner:69, Kreme
Judge:163, jim
due date:2100/12/31

The Claim


This is a scaled claim paying FX$0.01 per US$10,000,000 in North American box office gross generated by the film commonly known as "Star Wars: Episode One, The Phantom Menace" from the date of its initial release until such time as it is playing on less than 200 screens in the North American Box Office zone. In any event, the judging period shall be a minimum of 180 days. The title is unimportant, but will apply to the release of the next Star Wars Movie, scheduled for May 21, 1999.


There will be no rounding on the part of the judge as affects the price. The payment is based only on each US$10,000,000 in gross box office the movie generates. If there is disagreement on the box office figures the figures reported by Variety will take precedence.

Background: The Current box-office record is held by Titanic with approximately $600,700,000 If Star Wars Episode one equaled Titanic, it would pay FX$.60

Judge's Statement

If there is a conflict between the perceived intent of this claim and the literal wording, I intend to judge it based on the literal wording. While the official opening is scheduled for 1999.05.19, $500-a-seat benefits have been scheduled for a few days earlier. There will be no effort to adjust the gross for these proceeds, if it matters. Premiums on scalped tickets (which I understand were unheard-of for movies before this release) will of course not count toward the gross.

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