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Claim SpcElv - Space Elevator

Category: Science & Technology:Space bid 43, ask 49, last 41
Owner:3607, MatrixMan
Judge:3126, Varulv
due date:2100/07/04

The Claim

This is a scaled claim based on the date the first human goes up a space elevator and into space. Space will be considered to begin where NASA currently defines it: 60 miles.

It will pay according to the year in which the event occurs. That is, in 2005 it would pay 5, in 2010 it would pay 10, etc. In the event that it does not occur before 2100, it will pay 100.

Possible ambiguities:

What is considered a human? My intention is to include present day human species, and any and all minor genetic variations, whether intentional or not. The judge can clarify this issue further as the need arises.

What is a space elevator? It is an object which is attached to earth on one end and extends to geosynchronous earth orbit as a minimum on the other end.

Background links:

The definitive paper for the purpose of this claim is the one written by Bradley C. Edwards, Ph.D.

This page has a nice artists rendering.

Here is a good recent article from Space.com.

This article from techTV.com has some interesting talkback at the end where Bradley Edwards answers some critics.

Judge's Statement


The Market

Price Plot for life of SpcElv
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