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Claim TIBET - Smalltalk-like <100K JS lib

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Industry Science & Technology:Internet JUDGED at 0
Owner:45, Baldrson
Judge:1130, amlyman
due date:2002/03/01

The Claim

A Javascript (aka ECMAScript) library meeting the following enumerated conditions will be released within 25 weeks of August 1, 2001. This claim pays 100 if the library is released on or before August 1, 2001 and for every week or partial week thereafter the claim pays out 4 less with payment based on release date, not on date of judgement.


  1. Multilevel class-based inheritance
  2. Multiple inheritance
  3. Metaclass system
  4. Instance-level method programming
  5. DOM level 2 style bubble and capture
  6. Fits within a 100K gzipped HTML transmission
  7. Client-side analogue to Active Server Pages or Java Server Pages
  8. All the above on version 4 or above browsers of IE and Netscape.

For a discussion of one such system, called TIBET(tm), see the website for TIBET(tm).

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