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Claim TcTk - Tcl/Tk wins on the Internet

Category: Science & Technology:Internet JUDGED at 0
Judge:0, Bank
due date:1997/01/01

The Claim

Tcl/Tk becomes the dominant scripting language on the Internet

In particular, the following must happen

  1. there exist native window- system ports of Tcl/Tk for the Mac, PC and Unix that are freely available and widely publicized
  2. there exists an interpreted architecture-neutral distribution format that allows Tcl/Tk executables to run directly under Mac, PC, Unix without any recompilation
  3. Tcl/Tk is selected by at least two of the major web client vendors (e.g. NCSA Mosaic, Spyglass, Netscape -- list will vary as appropriate to the evolution of the industry) as a scripting language by which their client can be programmed (their products must be for sale at the time of claim closure).
``Widely publicized'' means a feature article on the dominance of Tcl/Tk as the Internet scripting language in two or more of the major glossy Internet hype magazines; these must non-academic publications and must concentrate on the PC and Mac aspects of the phenomenon.

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