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Claim TopT - Daily Late Show Top 10 in 9/96

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Television JUDGED at 100
Judge:0, Bank
due date:1996/09/15

The Claim

Background: David Letterman currently does a Top Ten list on every episode of "The Late Show with David Letterman". In July, 1995, it was reported that he wants to do the top 10 lists no more than 3 days/week. In the past, he discontinued the top 10 list altogether, but reinstated it, due to popular demand. Claim: In September, 1996, David Letterman's first week of new shows WILL still have a top 10 list every day that week. Minutia: 1. Notice that even if Letterman does reduce the number of Top 10 lists, the claim may be found true if he returns to daily Top 10 lists by September, 1996. 2. If David Letterman no longer hosts a "Late Show" (or any incarnation), the claim will be FALSE by default.

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