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Claim WW_3 - World War III < 2050

Category: News:World News bid 26, ask 28, last 26
Owner:69, Kreme
Judge:69, Kreme
due date:2050/01/31

The Claim

This claim shall be judged YES in the following cases:

  1. A nuclear exchange occurs involving the United States and at least one other country. Exchange shall consist of at least one nuclear missle being fired by both countries. Detonation does not necessarily count, and it must be a missle launch by both countries.
  2. A nuclear exchange of any kind occurs between at least three countries.
  3. More than two cities, not in the same country, with populations in excess of one million are struck by nuclear warheads inflicting a minimum of 20,000 casualties in each city.
The claim will be judged NO if:
  1. None of the YES conditions are met.
  2. The United States of America ceases to be a political unit with a democratic government enclosing at least 85% of the 1995 US territory, exluding protectorates and territories.

Judge's Statement


The Market

Price Plot for life of WW_3
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