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Claim XFMov - X-Files Movie grosse $200 Mil

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Movies JUDGED at 92
Owner:69, Kreme
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:1999/01/31

The Claim

The soon to be released X-Files movie will gross US$200,000,000 in worldwide ticket sales during 1998.

This is a scaled claim, paying .01 per US$2 million in ticket sales.

Note:Ticket sales are not to be rounded by the judge. If the reported sales are 91,999,999, the claim pays .45, not .46. The judge is not responsible for rounding on the part of the reporting source. The judge is responsible for choosing the sources that will be used, although the Hollywood reporter's annual list and/or IMDB are recommended.

This claim only applies to ticket sales in calendar 1998.

Judge's Statement


The Market

Price Plot for life of XFMov
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