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Claim A380 - 1st commercial flight of A380

Category: News:World News Science & Technology:Technology Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 0
Owner:3453, Panos
Judge:3558, Torc
due date:2006/01/01

The Claim

The first commercial passenger flight of Airbus Industries' A380 (or any Airbus Industries' plane able to carry more than 500 passengers) will be made before the 31st of December 2005. The flight should be carrying at least 250 passengers, be part of a regularly scheduled route (not a charter flight) and should be successful (it shouldn't crash).

Judge's Statement

Crew will not be included in passenger count either for plane capacity or qualifying flight.

This claim could also be judged TRUE if Airbus were to stretch the A340 series jet enough to hold 500 passengers. The recently introduced A340-600 will hold 413 passengers in two-class configuration.

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