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Claim Amazon - 1 Yr. Amazon.com Stock Price

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Industry Finance:US Finance JUDGED at 45
Owner:863, ediehn
Judge:73, Karl Hallowell
due date:2000/02/02

The Claim

This claim is a scaled claim based on the price of stock in Amazon.com, the online book, movie and gift retailer. It will be judged on the stock's closing price on Tuesday, February 1, 2000. YES coupons in this claim will pay out an amount equal to:

(Stock price) / 300

where "Stock price" is the value of a single share of stock in Amazon.com as purchased on January 15, 1999. If Amazon.com's stock splits before this claim's deadline, the claim with be based on the total value of all shares held after the split. If Amazon.com is aquired by another company before this claim's deadline, the claim will be based on the value of whatever compensation would be afforded the holder of a single share of stock purchased on January 15, 1999. If the value of the share in Amazon.com should meet or exceed $300 at the time of the claim's judgement, the claim shall pay out $1 for YES coupons.

Amazon.com trades on the Nasdaq exchange with the symbol AMZN. As of this claim's writing, the average daily share price was around $170, which would result in the paying out of .57 per YES coupon and .43 per NO coupon held.

Judge's Statement

As of October 8, 1999, one share of Amazon is now two shares due to a 2:1 stock split in September 1999. At a glance, the previous close was 87 and 5/16. If the claim was judged today on that price, YES coupons would pay 58 (58.208... before rounding off).

Here is a list of stock prices and the price of a YES coupon. I apologize for the crude output. Need to read up on html tables.

$0 0

$15 10

$30 20

$45 30

$60 40

$75 50

$90 60

$105 70

$120 80

$135 90

$150 or more will pay 100

The Market

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Price Plot for life of Amazon
Last trade price: 0
Current ask price: 100
Current bid price: 0
Pairs outstanding: 2711
Players participating: 26
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