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Claim BG$$ - Gates fortune $0.01/Billion

Category: News:US News JUDGED at 60
Owner:6, sburnap@wsgc.com
Judge:6, sburnap@wsgc.com
due date:2000/06/01

The Claim

Bill Gates is currently worth approximately $14 Billion dollars. This claim pays $0.01 for every 1 billion dollars that Bill Gates is worth at the beginning of the next century according to the Forbes magazine year 2000 400 richest people issue. Fractions of a billion are rounded down. If Forbes magazine does not exist, the judge should use other credible news sources for 1/1/2000. If Bill Gates dies before 1/1/2000, this claim pays nothing.

Judge's Statement

I will be judging this claim early at $0.85 in the next couple of weeks, unless someone can provide a good reason for me to wait until the due date, 6/1/2000.

The Market

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Pairs outstanding: 2600
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